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Bad Apple

“Because Bad Apples make better cider”

We’re cider lovers too and we felt the time had come to develop an alternative sort of cider. Apples and cider shouldn’t all be about sweetness and sunshine. There is a darker side to apples – mystery, temptation and more. So we’ve developed Bad Apple, a mysteriously deep and tangy cider from the Wilds of Herefordshire.

Cider apples are ugly little devils. They’re small, gnarly and too sharp to eat without wincing. These are the Bad Apples we embrace. We love the unloved ones, because blended together with our skilful fermentation process, these apples produce an intriguing cider with sweet notes, a sharp tang and a short dry finish. We believe the world deserves a cider from the uglier, darker end of the orchard.

Bad Apple

An expertly blended 5.1% ABV cider, the first crafted cider in Carlsberg UK’s portfolio. Produced in Herefordshire, it blends four distinctive cider fermentations to produce a tangy, fresh-pressed apple and blossom scent, alongside flavours of sweet, spicy apples, balanced with a crisp, dry mouthfeel and lingering oak taste.

Beer Style

Herefordshire Cider


50l Keg



Cider Info

Naturally Gluten Free

Food Matching

The perfect accompaniment with charcuterie, spicy oriental salads, artisan cheeses.


Sulphur Dioxide