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“Burned but never consumed”

The Grimbergen Abbey is located in the Flemish part of Belgium, just outside of Brussels. It was founded in 1128 by Saint Norbert of Xanten and had a reputation for being hospitable to travellers, who were served the monks’ delectable homemade beer. The Abbey has burned to the ground three times – in 1142, then in 1566 and again in 1798 – but has been rebuilt each time. This is why the symbol for Grimbergen Beer is the phoenix, the mythological bird that arises from the ashes of a fire and the motto of the Abbey is ‘Ardet Nec Consumitur;’ “Burned but never destroyed.” In the Middle Ages abbeys were not as heavily taxed as regular brewers so they could use better quality ingredients and Belgium was not bound by brewing purity laws. That is why Grimbergen has such a full flavoured and unique taste. It is now available in over 30 countries so more people than ever can experience this iconic beer.

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Grimbergen Blonde

Grimbergen Blonde is a deep blonde Belgian ale, boasting a lovely golden-yellow robe, with ochre glints. Slightly fruity, it offers the perfect balance between sweet and bitter tastes and just the right amount of fizz.

Beer Style

Blonde Belgian Abbey Beer


330ml bottle



Food Matching

Best served with friends, accompanied by cheesy snacks and spicy dishes, along with reverent conversation.


Pilsner, Wheat, Caramel


Bitter and Aromatic


Barley & wheat