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Jordan Coyle

Customer Manager for House of Beer

Beer has been in my blood (not literally…) from an early age with the old man working for a number of different breweries as I was growing up.

I always seem to have a beer in hand in those special moments when meeting new people and old; enjoying a music event or after hitting the piste in the Alps; sitting in the park or simply relaxing at home; for that reason I love beer.

Beer is such a versatile product and can be enjoyed in so many situations by people with any kind of palate – I never believe anyone who claims “I don’t like beer”, they just haven’t had the right one!

I’ve worked in the drinks industry for almost 10 years now and worked for some top brewers, I can’t see myself jumping ship anytime soon; I’ve met some seriously influential people along the way and made some amazing friends which I doubt you would in most other sectors.

“Right, enough of this, I’m off for a cold one…”