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“Mahou is inconceivable with out Madrid, and Madrid would not be the same without Mahou”

It all started in 1890 when Hijos de Casimiro Mahou (Casimiro Mahou & Sons) was founded by Enrique, Luis, Alfredo and Carolina Mahou, children of Casimiro Mahou, a French entrepreneur born in Lorraine. As one of the pioneers of refrigeration in Spain, the family company helped stabilise the temperature of brewing, resulting in the production of a beer of consistent quality, and helped make ice affordable, which enabled vendors to keep produce fresher for longer and for fresh food to be transported to Madrid. This established an enduring trend for enjoying Mahou with food in the Spanish capital.

Mahou encouraged bars to offer tapas with their beer and in the early years of the 20th century the company even opened its own modern and sophisticated restaurant to champion the pairing of fine foods and Mahou beer.

It immediately consolidated Mahou’s reputation as one of Spain’s best draught beer, and helped shape the popular saying in the capital – Las cañas perfectas se sirven en Madrid (the Best draught beer is served in Madrid).

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The origins of Mahou lie in Madrid where this celebrated Pils-style lager has been synonymous with the city’s beer-and-tapas culture since 1890 when it was first brewed by the children of Casimiro Mahou, a French entrepreneur born in Lorraine. The variant available in the UK today is Mahou 5 Star, the premium variant from the Mahou range first introduced in Madrid in 1969. It has a five-star taste and is brewed using high-quality ingredients: premium Spanish and Bavarian hops and a century-old strain of brewer’s yeast.

Beer Style

Pils-style Lager


30l steel keg, 20l DraughtMaster PET keg, 330ml bottle




Varieties from Castille–León in northern Spain and the famous Hallertau district of Bavaria.

Food Matching

Mahou’s balanced and rounded taste provides a fresh and crisp mouthfeel that perfectly balances the subtle flavours of seafood, cleanses the palate after creamy and spicy dishes like croquetas and patatas bravas and provides a foil to saltier Spanish cured meats and cheeses.